Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Must-Have Products

Ok, it's time for another post honoring some must-have items that are always in my kitchen. For this post I want to highlight some quick meals that I can throw together on busy nights.

Our favorite quick soup is Bear Creek's Tortilla Soup. We always add in shredded chicken, lots of Colby Jack cheese, and will eat it with tortilla chips. Delicious!!

I love this one also, plus it's a healthy choice! I grill these steaks up on my George Foreman grill and will make some rice to go with it. Steam some veggies and you're done!

This last one is not only a favorite but since it's Fat Tuesday, this is my shout out to Mardi Gras! I grew up eating Cajun food since living in Texas and Louisiana, but Joe had not yet experienced the joy of this cuisine until we got married. He absolutely loves jambalaya, so we make this at least once a month with either sausage or shrimp.


The Yost Family said...

I love the Bear Creek Potato Soup. Other quick must haves in our house is the Hamburger/Chicken Helper Fetticine with a can of chicken from Costco. Easy dinner to make quickly. Todd doesn't like any other Fetticine- even the kind I make.

Abraham and Sara said...

Bear Creek Soup mixes are amazing. I have to agree with the previous post...the potato soup is the best!

LCFrohm said...

Hey Lisa!
Can you find out what's happened to Shellie's blog? It's gone!
Let me know what's happened!

Lisa Kendrick said...

She changed the link to www.adventuresinatlantaga.blogspot.com

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