Monday, March 24, 2008


One of my favorite things about IKEA is the little grocery store and bistro that concludes your wonderful shopping trip in the store. They have such wonderful prices and delicious foods to stock up on! Here are some of my favorites:

Ginger Thins
Almond Cinnamon Thins
Cinnamon Rolls

This last trip I took I got some gooseberry and lingonberry preserves, but I haven't tried them yet. What are your favorite treats from IKEA?


Shellie said...

I love their chocolate bars! They are really good, huge, and only a dollar. You have to try them

The Yost Family said...

I usually don't buy the food but the cinnamon rolls always smell sooo good. I did have Anna's Ginger Thins in Australia. I like those.

Shan & Andrew said...

I LOVE the ginger thins! Everytime I go I have to buy a pack. I also love their meatballs and the frozen yogurt...mmmmm...
darn it- now i'm hungry!

Vail blog said...

okay I jumped your blog from Shell's I actually like the meatballs with the Lingenberry preserves. I know it doesn't sound too temptimg, but I had it once and I was hooked.

Anonymous said...

I have never, NEVER been a fan of rice pudding. My husband's family is of Swedish heritage, and one of their traditions is rice pudding for desert on Christmas Eve. They hide an almond in the pudding and whoever finds the almond is suppose to get married the next year, or, if already married, just have a good year. We mix lingonberries into the rice pudding, and it is absolutely delicious. (By the way, my husband had planned on proposing to me on Christmas Day in 2006. He had never gotten the almond in his 26 years of rice pudding. Christmas Eve 2006, he got the almond. :D )

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