Friday, May 1, 2009

Blog Award!

Cassie from Cassie Craves has awarded me the Passionate Blogger Award.....yay!
So here are the rules: Post the logo, write five things I'm passionate about, and pass the award on to five deserving ladies. Since my recipe blog was awarded, I'll stick with 5 foods that I am passionate about!

1. Dark chocolate

2. Fresh fruits - specifically watermelon, strawberries, and nectarines

3. Spinach salads

4. Oatmeal

5. PB&Js

I'm passing this award on to:

1. Lindsay of You're Still Hungry? Although she doesn't have a recipe blog, she is a fellow foodie like me! We love many of the same restaurants and treats and I can't wait to go to Smart Cookie with her when she visits this summer!

2. Becky from Vintage Mixer. Not only does she post great recipes but she also reviews restaurants in Utah. Love that!

3. Traci from My Life. She posts some great recipes and crafts on her blog. Plus, she makes AMAZING jewelry! If you want anything custom-made, contact her!

4. Kristen of just lick the spoon. She hasn't been posting lately because she has a new baby girl, but hopefully this will kick-start her posting again! =)

5. Janet of Slowcooker 101. We went to church together in the last place I lived and she was always so creative! She a great slowcooker cookbook you can buy and you can also see her on TV!

And I'm doing a 6th just because I can and no one can stop me!

6. Bree of Let's Celebrate! Bree is an amazing mom and chef! She has so much energy and is always doing fun things for her cooks and making great food!


Bree said...

You are SO nice. Me? Ohhhh {{blush}} THANKS!

BeckyRos said...

Wow thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog :) I will have to try out some of your yummy recipes.

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